The perfect blending between classic andalussian architecture and modern interior design with all the comfort of a home.

Sleeps 2 people (21m2)

From : €156.64

Rooftop suite with incredible views, terrace and private pool See more

Sleeps 2 people (21m2)

From : €127.6


The jewel of our hotel according to our clients.

It has incredible views of the Calle Corredera, the Janda region and the Sierra de Cádiz, through old wrought iron...

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Sleeps 2 people (22m2)

From : €118.8

Cierzo and Tramontana

Our star rooms in the hotel. We don't say so, our guests say so.

Both have incredible views of the Corredera Street, the Janda region and the Sierra de Cádiz,...

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Sleeps 2 people (21m2)

From : €118.8


Undoubtedly this room is magical thanks to the shower that you will find inside a cave located under the ancient wall that runs along Vejer, something that leaves all our customers...

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Sleeps 2 people (21m2)

From : €110

Poniente and Galerna

These interior rooms are very comfortable, nice and pleasant, a pleasure for those days when you come on vacation and want to relax quietly.

Both have a...

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Sleeps 2 people (19m2)

From : €95.92

Mistral and Gregal

Both in ground floor with views to Corredera Street

There are two things that make these rooms irresistible: the incredible views of Corredera street and...

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What our customers say

A marvel

"House totally refurbished and very well decorated. Spacious and bright room. The bed was very comfortable and a great bathtub. Very nice staff. It was very well located, facing one of the main streets of Vejer with an unbeatable view. I recommend it 100%."

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